Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Amazing Profit Reward Works?

At you can earn 4% of your account level everyday simply by viewing 5 of our advertisers website daily .

Thus your free $4 will yield $0.16 a day when you VIEW your required 5 websites daily. The more you invest will yield higher daily accruals.

If you invest $100 dollars your daily earnings would be $4.00 if you view your daily required sites. YOUR MONEY CAN BE DOUBLED IN JUST 50 DAYS.

AmazingProfitReward will pay you from 16 cents up to $400 per day for viewing just 5 of our advertisers websites daily.

You make 4% off your account level for 50 days. The upgrades last 50 days. So if you put in, say, $40, you would earn $1.6 a day. So you make double the money back that you put in to begin with. Sound good? Sure does. And its legit too.

Each Ad pack cost just $4.00 and you will not only earn 4% daily per ad pack, you will also receive 20 website credits, 500 text ad credits and 500 banner ad credits for each ad pack you own.

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How do you earn minimum USD400.00 per day , you may ask?

There are 2 way you can earn:

Earning 1 - Your personal earning:
You will be paid 4% daily on your membership fee by viewing 5 websites a day. At the end of 50 days, your ad pack expires and you will be paid 200% of your membership fee. You will continue earning for as long as you continue participating and the cycle goes on.

For Example: Your membership participation level is US$10,000, you view 5 sites everyday. For each day that you view 10 sites, you will be paid 4% x 10,000 = US$400.00 This amount US$400.00 will automatically credited to your account balance daily and you can withdraw it anytime you want to your preferred ecurrency account.

Earning 2 - Referral Commission:
If you refer someone, you will be paid 12% commission of membership fee of your referral - two tier. You will be paid 8% direct referral commission every time he upgrades his account. And when each of your indirect 2nd level referrals purchase ad packs, you will earn an extra 4% referral commission.

Amazing, isnt it?

For Example:
Your referral participating membership level is US$1,000. You will be paid 8% commission US$80.00 You will be paid 8% again and again each time he upgrades his account.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Earn 4% Daily With Amazingprofitreward System

Over thousands of members joined AmazingProfitReward in the last 24hrs.

At this moment we are over 20,004+ members strong in less than 34 short days.

I already received congratulatory messages from some of our members who are excited at what we are doing.

All I can say is WOW! WOW!!

This program just gets BIGGER and BETTER  everyday!!!

How can anybody not see all potential AmazingProfitReward has.

I know that I am very pleased with it thus far,
and see it going to higher levels and making it a very good program
to invest in and make some good money!!

As the admin of AmazingProfitWallet, I want to do anything under the sun to grow
our membership base to 100,000 in membership or more before the end of July.

We cannot do this without you and that is why we want you involved, Dear Friends.

Dear Friends, do you know that at AmazingProfitReward you can earn 4% of your account
level everyday simply by purchasing Ad Packs?

Just think about it - Every single day Dear Friends at AmazingProfitReward,
you will earn 4% of your account level.

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Think about it Dear Friends,
if you own 25 Ad Packs which cost $100.00
you will get paid $4.00 daily .

if you have 250 Ad Packs which cost $1,000.00
your daily earnings would be $40.00 daily!!

Each ad pack you purchase remains active until it earns 200% rebate.

Let me recap this:

---- Your $4 Ad pack will produce $8.00 in Rebate and then expires.
---- Your $100 Ad Pack will produce $200.00 in Rebate and then expires.
---- Your $1,000 Ad Pack will produce $2000.00 in Rebate and then expires.
---- Your $5,000 Ad Pack will produce $10,000.00 in Rebate and then expires.

If you own 2,500 Ad Packs ( The Maximum )  which cost $10,000.00
your daily earnings would be $400.00 daily!


The more you invest will yield higher daily accruals.

Dear Friends, FACT IS WITH AmazingProfitReward,

You will earn from 0.16 cents  to up to $400 per day
and you do not have to do anything else other than purchase
ad  packs then view just 5 ads on the Ad Grid daily.

You dont have to sponsor anyone to earn at AmazingProfitReward.

This is a truly passive income opportunity. Infact one of the most powerful money making system today.
No wonder over 20,004+ members have joined in just 34 days .

Can you ask yourself, WHY?


People who have never made money in anything before

The best thing for you right now is to login into your members area and
purchase at least one ad pack for $4.00 to get started.

To do this , simply click on your ref link:

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Login into your account and get started with at least an ad pack which cost just $4.00

Those who already have Ad Packs can purchase more.

{name}, you can own up to $10,000.00 worth of ad packs and that will produce for you an income of $400.00 daily for 50 days.


There are no monthly fees!
--no matrix to fill out!
---no straight line system were the first people make all
the money and leave the end of the line hanging.!

No strenous one up or two up plans to give to your sponsor.!

It couldn\'t be better!

And it does not matter when you join. Everyone makes the same 4%  rebate on their ad packs daily.

We thank you once again for joining this great program and we wish you a wonderful day .

What is AmazingProfitReward System, How are the benefits?

 Amazingprofitreward system that pays you 4% for 50 days of your investment in return for advertising tracking is a system. The system became operational on January 15, 2013, and already has 9000 members. Operation of the system is extremely reasonable. Just as Profitclicking system, in this system by purchasing advertising packages start earning. Online advertising package costs $ 4, respectively. It is also more attractive to us. In addition, we are a member at the site to ensure reliability of the system for us to use us as a bonus gift is $ 4. However, by investing in start earning.

 Amazingprofitreward system necessary to explain with an example, say a short one $ 4 from a total of $ 20 ad package that we assume that 5 pcs. From the day following packages this ad is active and begins to bring us. 4 pcs $ 0.80 daily return of 4% will be advertising the package to us. This fee will process account for 50 days. This means that we have received in exchange for $ 20 ad package 5 pieces at the end of 50 days, we will return 200% profit as $ 40. So this money is deposited into the system twice winning. , however, the most important point to bear in mind is definitely a day to day kazancımızın cancellation of account must be at least 5 advertising to follow.  addition, there is an issue that should be considered in the following, Amazingprofitreward system can not make the investment earnings. In this case, again, the system allows you to invest your money, and then want to collect payment. Site, electronic account when making a payment is 5% deduction friends. However, if you want to transfer money to the site does not have any downtime.  

Minimum limit To give an example, which account for $ 10 when you reach the 5% deduction when you want to pay money to sleep your account will be $ 9.50. Deposit system after receiving your payment again. No deduction does not apply when you deposit.

 Amazingprofitreward System What Are the Advantages?

- you are a member at the $ 4 Bonus
- 4% daily for 5 ad tracking gains
- without any investment at the end of 50 days, the opportunity to earn $ 8
- up to receive payment within 48 hours
- 200% after 50 days of daily gain of 4% (4% x 50 = 200%)
- Advertising packages fees only $ 4 is the ability to acquire and ad package up to 5000
- Each ad pack purchase as a gift 50 50 Advertising Banner Credits and Loans (publish your site)
- 12% in the first 3 referansınızdan other references gain the ability to provide 8%